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"my professional life is as exciting and fulfilling as my personal life."

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"My life is a life movies are made of". Anne Heche is the first to admit that her circumstances have always been unusual. Anne Celeste Heche was born on May 25, 1969 in Aurora, Ohio. Her father Donald, was a choir director in a Baptist church. She has 2 sisters, Susan and Abigail and 1 brother, Nathan. She also had another sister who died when Anne was very young. Her mother Nancy was a secretary. Anne had a troubled childhood, growing up in Chicago and New Jersey. With her family, she moved 11 times before the age of 12. Her parents were fundamentalists. Little Anne grew up in the strictest observance of fundamentalist principles. She could neither watch movies or TV, nor listen to records. She remembers nevertheless to have seen her first film at 9. It was " Star Wars " with Harrison Ford, who will later become her co-star in another film. Anne also used to sing with her father in church.

Dramas of her childhood. Her life full of constraints would soon, however, be troubled by dramatic events. Her father Donald died in 1983 at 45, when she was 12. He admitted to being gay after he was diagnosed with AIDS. Fate was set upon the family, since 3 months after that, her brother Nathan was killed in a car accident. These dramas marked Anne for live. However, they had a positive aspect. In order to support her family Anne became a chorus-singer at a dinner theater. The door to the external world was opened to her for the first time. But, many questions arose to her gradually: on the hard rules of the fundamentalist church, on the faith while her father and her brother had died.

In search of spirituality. These questions arose more acutely. She understood gradually that the secret life of her father contradicted his own religious beliefs. Her family did not help her much and she ran into a wall of silence. She will continue to resent them for these things left unsaid, these lies and this hypocrisy. Anne never will forget theses times:

"I was a very big questioner of religion, even though I was a good girl, and so I did what I was told and believed what I was told, until this future time, I knew, when I would be able to explore my own arenas of life. Certainly by that point, there-- we were on shaky ground anyway as a family, and so our religious beliefs did not seem to really help us. I mean, I think it helped my mother, and I think it still does. I-- for me, it was a very discouraging time. A lot of questions about God and who God is.But started me on my journey of my own spirituality, which was also one of the gifts I received from that death."

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Anne Heche

Anne Heche

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