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Post Fresno

(when asked about posing nude ) :

"No. My body is my temple."

Anne Heche

(If you were the most powerful person in Hollywood, what would you do?):

"I am the most powerful person in Hollywood."

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Sensational development

Stripping for Jesus. Following her flaunted love-affair, Anne is hated by the religious groups and the American conservative elements. But she has another reason to be worried by the reverend Falwell's aggressiveness, the most irritated representative of the ultra-conservatives elements. Always interested in religion, after shooting Volcano, she wrote, directed and starred in short film entitled " Striptease for Jesus ". She tells the story of a stripper who writes Bible scriptures on her body before taking the stage hoping to reach her clients with "a language they can understand." Heche plays the stripper's sister, who kills for Jesus in order to redeem herself in the eyes of God.
"Both sisters end up completely alone in their own fucking hell, which is the whole point — religion doesn't solve anything." Anne says
On her impetus... However it seem like 1998 is a good year. The 3 films she made the previous year are released ("Donnie Brasco ", " Wag the dog ", " Volcano ".) Combined, they grossed more than $172 million., for which we can add $70 million for " 6 days, 7 nights ". That same year, she is chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. However during following years the role offers became scarce. Then, Anne decide to direct et write movies. In 1999 she directs the shooting of the TV-series " If these walls could speak 2 ". She had participite as an actress in the first installment of the series. In this second installment, based on the lives of Anne and Hellen, Sharon Stone plays Heche. That year, Anne also directed a small film entitled " reaching Normal "
"I'd certainly be lying if I said my work hadn't changed. It's safe to say fewer scripts came my way. But it opened up so many doors. I got to direct and write two movies. If my career had gone the way I thought it would, I wouldn't have done these things for another 10 or 20 years. I feel I've been fortunate to create a very interesting balance in my career."
Bowfinger. Furthermore, in 1999, is the first release of "Bowfinger", the movie produce by Steve Martin, Anne's former date, in which a character, an ambitious actress, seem to be close to Anne. Martin will deny any link between the character an Anne Heche.
The break-up. In August of 2000 comes a piece of news which surprises more than a few in Hollywood. Anne and Ellen has split up. In a joint declaration they precise that they have decided to finished their relationship but remain friendly.
Events of Fresno. A few days later the break-up, a new sensational development: Actress Anne Heche was hospitalized after wandering up to a rural home near Fresno, California, appearing shaken and confused. She made strange statements to the occupants of a house where she knocked on the front door. Initial reports had suggested she was exhibiting signs similar to an overdose of ecstasy. However, a few days later, she goes to Toronto, to start shooting the film " John Q " where she plays a hospital administrator who refuses to give a heart transplant to an uninsured young boy. The boy's father, played by Denzel Washington, then takes the emergency room hostage. She was impatiently expected on her arrival in Toronto, where she was looking dazed and tired. The producer working with her given some precise details on the events of Fresno. He declared that the actress got sunburned while she was driving in her convertible.
"Her back and shoulders look like a tomato" he specified.
Conjectures. During this time, the press makes conjectures about the reasons for the break-up between Anne and Ellen. Each give its assumption. The New York Post and the New York Daily news think that Anne Heche would not be homosexual any more and would be become again heterosexual, while Post launches the assumption of a love-affaire with Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche’s co-star in " Psycho " and " Return to paradise " which she shot after " 6 days, 7 nights ". Daily news incline for a love-affaire with somebody from the cast of "John Q" but excluding the co-stars of film, Denzel Washington and Robert Duvall. The Daily news considers that this reversal of situation is a publicity stunt by Heche in order to rise in the boxoffice, but the same kind of matter was already held when the two actresses had revealed their love affair. In September , Anne makes her first public appearance since the breaking up. She went to a ceremony in Beverly Hills Hilton where she received a Lucy award from "Women In Film" for her work developing and directing a segment of the HBO movie "If These Walls Could Talk II,". Hellen, who co-starred with Sharon Stone and was the co-producer, was absent from the ceremony. Anne, who seems very disturbed , is suddenly tongue-tied and unable to say DeGeneres' name.
Ally McBeal. A little later she will announce than she obtained a role in the TV-series " Ally McBeal " and she has a book project in preparation, an autobiography. 2001 was also going to bring a lot of surprises. Anne is initially seen in a store in Beverly Hill looking at wedding dresses. The rumors are spreading. Heche's manager, Lauren Lloyd, subsequently called to confirm that her 32-year-old client did not enter the store's bridal salon on a whim.
"No date has been set yet," said Lloyd. "But she's definitely getting married."
Been engaged? The prospective groom is cameraman Coley Laffoon. The couple met last summer while Heche, then still with DeGeneres, was making a documentary about her. She and the cameraman fell in love. . By making things official with Laffoon, Heche can now describe her time with DeGeneres as an experimental phase. At the moment, though, she's leaving the public statements to Lloyd.
"She's engaged, and she's wearing a ring," said Lloyd. "And she's happy."
The wedding. In fact, on September 1, 2001 the wedding is celebrated in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles, with 75 friends and family members. At 32, Anne, can now think serenely about her work. In addition to several full-length films to come, she works on a TV-series project developed by Warner. We will later learn that she is three months pregnant by her husband. However the most surprising is yet to come.
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Anne Heche in 6 days, 7 nights Avec Harrison Ford in "6 days, 7 nights"

Anne Heche

Anne Heche


Anne Heche in John Q

Anne Heche in "JohnQ"

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