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December 17, 2005
"What Love Is"
This next project to begin filming in January.

December 17, 2005
"Suffering Man's Charity"
Alan Cumming is starring in and directing "Suffering Man's Charity," a low-budget dark comedy that also features David Boreanaz(Fox's "Bones"). Boreanaz plays a struggling writer who is accidentally killed by Cumming one evening. Cumming discovers the writer's novel and ends up taking credit for penning it. When it becomes a success, the writer comes back to haunt him.Anne Heche portrays the book's publisher, and Carrie Fisher a reporter. Also in the cast are Henry Thomas , Karen Black and Jane Lynch ("The 40-Year-Old Virgin"). The film is in production in Los Angeles.

November 29, 2005
"Large Audience For Silver Bells"
According to www.nytimes.com, "Silver Bells", last sunday on CBS, did well, with an audience of 16.17 million.

November 22, 2005
"Silver Bells"
Don't miss the special premieres on CBS Sunday, November 27, 2005, at 9 pm ET. Take a look to my page here.
You can find the official website there with the trailer.
Plus, read and watch Anne's interview on the early show on CBS.
Finally, the DVD will be avaliable online the day after the show. (November 28th)

November 20, 2005
"Back on Broadway in a musical?"
According to www.nationalledger.com Anne Heche , wants to get back on stage. "I really miss Broadway," says the actress. She's made it a point to get back to New York and see shows for inspiration this month. "I'd love to do a musical next. I'm getting my courage up for that," confides Heche, who sings in her upcoming Lifetime movie, "Fatal Error."

November 20, 2005
Anne will be in the latest episode this season as well.
In the meantime, here are her photos' character, Nikki, before and after the surgery. Nicole Morretti

November 20, 2005
"Delirious without Anne" In her forum Anne said " ... I am no longer doing this movie. After finishing shooting "Fatal Error" I decided I needed to be home with my sweet family more than I needed to be in New York with Tom. I totally respect Tom and hope the best for his movie."

November 20, 2005
"Fatal Error"
According to Anne the title will change.

November 13, 2005
"Sexual Live"

Sexual Life will be released on November 29, 2005.
You can preorder or only read the topic by clicking on the pic.
November 13, 2005
"What Love Is"
A new film in pre-production for Anne : "What Love Is"
This comedy is writting and will be directed by Mars Callahan.
Anne meets up with Christian Slater, her co-star this fall in the readings of 'Casablanca'.
The shooting will take place in Los Angeles in 2006.

November 13, 2005
"Interview on Nip/Tuck"
Anne Heche is cheating on her husband.
"I'm having a passionate affair with FX right now," says Heche,(...)
More there : Interview

November 6, 2005
"Fatal Error : A trew story"
Movie version of Flint author's true crime book to appear on Lifetime
A true crime book written about a Genesee County housewife convicted of plotting her husband's murder is being made into a Lifetime movie starring Anne Heche and Eric Roberts.
Flint Journal reporter Paul Janczewski co-wrote The New York Times best selling "Fatal Error" about Mount Morris Township resident Sharee Miller, who was convicted in 2000.
Janczewski and co-author Mark Miller are traveling to Nova Scotia to appear as extras in the movie, "Deceptively Yours".
Prosecutors said Miller had an Internet affair with a former police officer from Missouri who drove to Michigan to kill her husband with a shotgun.
Miller then ended the online relationship and the Missouri man killed himself. His brother later found notes and e-mails implicating Miller.
(Taryn Asher, WJRT)

November 1, 2005
"Nip/Tuck" Don't miss Anne today on Nip/Tuck (FX, 10 pm) and try to recognize her!

November 1, 2005
"The Fatal Error" In Anne's Forum Coley (Anne's hubby) tell us more about the Lifetime movie, Fatal Error. "Anne is happy portraying this sexy, femme-fatale type from the mid-west, Tanya. She loves working with her co-star, Eric Roberts. And for a new film experience, she gets to sing a song (Joan Jett's "Do You Wanna Touch Me") during the course of the movie.

1 novembre 2005
"Anne Heche Changing Looks to Fit Different Sexual Fantasies "
By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Oct 31, 2005. Read on www.nationalledger.com
Anne Heche is doing a lot of changing lately -- in her appearance. She's currently in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with Eric Roberts, shooting "The Fatal Error," about the first Internet-related murder.
"This woman manipulated men through online sex chat rooms and had relationships with some of them," notes the actress, who says the part requires changing her look to into "three different incarnations to match their sexual fantasies. It's very trippy."
Heche is newly knowledgeable about and excited by makeup and hair tricks she saw thanks to her three-episode arc as a mob boss' wife on "Nip/Tuck," beginning today night (November 1st), when her character goes under the knife for a plastic surgery transformation. Changing her into her "before" appearance, complete with dark hair, prosthetic nose and mouth implants, took two and a half hours' work by the show's hair and makeup pros.
"I walked onto the set and people didn't know me," says Anne, who's anxious to see how her 3-year-old son responds.
For the Lifetime "Fatal Error" movie, "We're using a little hairpiece with bangs and playing around with some other things. The deeper I get into doing this, of course, the longer it takes." She laughs. "But then, I can't help thinking, the older I get, the longer it takes to do my makeup anyway."
Heche reveals that once she wraps her current assignment, she'll start getting ready to start shooting Tom DiCillo's "Delirious" feature -- a dark comedy about celebs and paparazzi on the New York nightlife circuit -- which is due to go into production before the end of the year.

November 1, 2005
"Delirious" Here is the topic of Anne's new feature "Delirious".
Synopsis : Written by Tom DiCillo, Steve Buscemi stars as "Les Galantine," a small-time celebrity photographer aching to take just one great picture. Les befriends "Toby Grace" (Michael Pitt), a homeless young man with no direction except a vague desire to become an actor. When by chance sparks fly between Toby and Alison Lohman's "K'Harma Leeds," the hottest pop star of the moment, Les grows jealous and plots a darkly comic revenge.
Shooting Location : New York City
Shooting Date : 9 November 2005 - ??
Principal photography begins november 14 in New York City
Release dates : October 2006,(USA )

October 23, 2005
"The Fatal Error" If you want to know all about Anne's new TV film, it's there:(from www.halifax.ca )
Fatal Error tells the story of the first Internet-related murder in the United States. Sharee Miller is a 27-year old newlywed when she meets Jerry Cassaday in an Internet chat room. Soon they meet in person and begin a passionate affair. Cassaday believes he is getting a second change at love with Miller, and is planning their future together. Meanwhile, Miller is leading a double life filled with lies. Her talent for deception and manipulation culminates in the murder of Miller’s husband and the suicide of her lover.
Filming From : October 16 - November 14, 2005.
And, for those who live in Halifax:
Locations : Airport, Casino, Purdy's Wharf, Delta Barrington (Parking lot on Hollis St.), Nova Scotia Hospital, Ale House & The Palace (Nightclubs on Brunswick St.), Dyke Rd., Cow Bay, Rainbow Haven Beach, Point Pleasant Drive, Lord Nelson, Victoria Park.
May be you'll see Anne there.

October 23, 2005
"Nip/Tuck (Spoiler)" I found new clues about Anne'appearence in Nip/Tuck. But, it can be considered as spoilers. So click below only if you want to know. And if you don't, don't miss Episodes 3-7 (November 1,2005), 3-8 (November 8,2005) and 3-9 (November 15,2005) on FX.

Actress ANNE HECHE is set to be transformed into ANNE HECHE during an upcoming three-episode stint on plastic surgery TV drama NIP/TUCK. She will play a Mafia princess who goes under the knife for a cosmetic disguise - and ends up looking like the real Heche. Fans of the show will fail to recognise the former ALLY McBEAL star when she first joins the cast of the show because she'll have dark hair and a fake nose, teeth and lower lip. A thrilled Heche says, 'They turn me into me.'
(spoiler : a document, review or comment that discloses the ending or some key surprise, or twist in a story.)

October 17, 2005
"Fatal Error" Anne said yesterday on her website that she I started shooting a movie called "Fatal Error" with Eric Roberts in Halafax.

October 10, 2005
"Clues on Nip/Tuck" Anne Heche will be a guest-star in at least three episodes as a mob boss' wife. Undercover in the witness-protection program, she asks Dr Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) to alter her looks, as well as those of her son.
Tanner Richie plays Austin Morretti, son of Nicole Morretti (Anne Heche). It appears that Austin's father has been murdered buy the Mob.
According to Inside TV magazine, Anne says"I'm working very hard to make sure you don't recognise me." Inside TV says we will be very surprised by her appearence and why she needs plastic surgery. Anne's role on"Nip/Tuck" will start in November.
Another clue from www.tv.com : Tanner Richie (her son in the serie) will star on episodes 3-7, 3-8 and 3-9.

October 9, 2005
"Heche, Slater give sizzling readings of 'Casablanca'"
From Liz Smith (Originally published October 6, 2005)
ANNE HECHE MADE a big hit the other night in a staged reading in Hollywood of Casablanca, another of writer/producer David Rambo's adaptations of famous movies. Heche might have been more sexually charged, more humorous and less tender as Ilsa than Ingrid Bergman was onscreen, but she wowed the starry audience and Rambo himself. He declared Heche to be "reminiscent of Carole Lombard or Irene Dunne."
Anne in Casablanca

September 24, 2005
"Arms and the Man " Anne Heche and Jeremy Sisto headline the George Bernard Shaw work about a soldier who "carries sweets instead of ammunition" and the "young woman who unexpectedly gives him refuge."
The beautiful and headstrong Raina eagerly awaits her fiance's victorious return from battle—but instead meets an enemy soldier who seeks asylum in her bedroom. This is one soldier who definitely prefers romance and chocolate to the heat of battle. War may be raging on the battlefield, but it ís the battle of the sexes that heats up this extraordinary comedy that offers very different notions of love and war.
Schedule :
At Los Angeles Theatre Works (LA)
February 1—February 3, 2006 at 8 p.m.
February 4, 2006 at 3 p.m. | February 5th at 4 p.m.
More on the official website www.latw.org

September 16, 2005
"2005 Creative Arts Emmy Awards"
Actress Anne Heche arrives at the 2005 Creative Arts Emmy Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on September 11, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. Coley and Anne
September 13, 2005
"Nip/Tuck" The show's third season will begin on September 20, 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX. Adding fresh girl power to the show this season: Anne Heche, who said she's joining the show to "mess with" Dylan Walsh: "I'll be his girl for a bit - hot, fabulous romance." Heche, 36, is thrilled to be on a show about plastic surgery. And when the time comes, she plans to go under the knife for her own nips and tucks. "I'll do anything," she said. "I think it's great. Why would I want to sit around and look at myself get old?"

September 12, 2005
"3rd Season Premiere Screening of "Nip/Tuck""
Anne and Coley attend FX Networks 3rd Season Premiere Screening of "Nip/Tuck" September 10, 2005 at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Anne Heche
September 11, 2005
"Anne plays golf?" Many Hollywood celebrities, including Anne HEche, lend their support to the Sept. 25 and 26, 2005, fundraising extravaganza "CVS Newport Under the Stars" to benefit Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. The event include a celebrity golf tournament. Anne said in her forum :"I don't play golf,but I am looking forward to learning".

September 3, 2005
"Casablanca" (from www.playbill.com) Complete casting has been announced for the Actors' Fund of America's all-star live reading of the Warner Bros. screenplay for "Casablanca."
Anne Heche will play Isla and Christian Slater will portray Rick, the roles created in the landmark film by Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. The 4 PM reading on Oct. 2 at the Pantages Theatre will also feature the talents of René Auberjonois as Berger, Dan Castellaneta as Signor Ugarte, James Cromwell as Major Strasser, Bruce Davison as Emil, André De Shields as Sam, Edward Herrmann as Capt. Louis Renault, Kurtwood Smith as Col. Heinze, Hal Sparks as Jan Brandel and Jennifer Tilly as Yvonne. Tony Award winner Angela Lansbury will host the VIP ticket pre-reception.
The reading of the screenplay - adapted by David Rambo - will benefit the Actors' Fund of America. "Casablanca" follows acclaimed readings of "All About Eve" and "Sunset Boulevard." Peter Hunt will direct the reading of the new stage take on the screenplay by Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein and Howard Koch.
The Morocco-set story of "Casablanca" follows the chance meeting of an American exile night club owner and his former love at the titular gateway city during World War II. The film - starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman - won 1944 Academy Awards for Best Director (Michael Curtiz), Best Picture (Hal B. Wallis) and Best Writing (Epstein, Epstein and Koch). Casablanca bill

August 8, 2005
"EXCLUSIVE SCOOP" In her interview on this site Anne said : "It looks like I'll be doing "Nip and Tuck" for awhile this fall."
Nip/Tuck is a Golden Globe winning drama created by Ryan Murphy for FX Networks It follows the lives of two Miami plastic surgeons, Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), as their lives fall apart under the stress of greed, envy, lust and crime.
More on the official site.

August 8, 2005

Anne has recorded a new audio book called "Vanish". It is a sequel to "Body double", the latest Tess Gueritsen's best seller which has been already read by Anne. Release date : August 23, 2005. You can preorder or only read the topic by clicking on the pic.
August 2nd, 2005
"My Anne HECHE's interview." About one year ago, when I met Anne on Broadway she promise to answer some questions for my site. Here it is. You will find there :

- A SCOOP : A new project with Ryan Murphy for the TV serie "Nip and Tuck"
- A confirmation : "Rosie True" will not be aired.
- A new audio book from Tess Gerritsen will be released soon
- And other news.

July 31, 2005
"Her Official Site."
Anne has her own official site. You will find there all usual sections : biography, films, photos and a forum. Last week she was there and she answered to all the questions. Here is a direct link to her site : www.anneheche.com
I created a special new page with her first message. She shared with us the spirit in which the site has been created. Please click there.

Anne HECHE's Official Web Site
July 12, 2005
"Four inches: Anne naked !!"
Here is a second photo from Elton John' book called "4 inches". Anne HECHE naked !!
Want to see more photos about four inches? Please, follow this link : Click here

"Sexual Life." "Sexual Life" airs on Shomtime on July 17. More info there : www.sho.com (US Only)

July 3, 2005
"Latest releases"

The book "4 inches", in which Anne was naked, has been released since June 30
Don't forget the DVD US release of "Prozac Nation", a movie with Virginia Ricci, Jessica Lange and Jason Biggs. This movie, which premiered on 2001, never had a theatrical release

June 26, 2005
"The Young Storytellers Foundation"
Actress Anne Heche and husband Coleman 'Coley' Laffoon were at The Young Storytellers Foundation Party on June 25, 2005 at Woody's Original Barbershop Club in Hollywood, California. On the photo, they play some poker at the VIP poker tournament with other celebrities who support the foundation.
The Young Storytellers Foundation is dedicated to developing literacy, self-expression and self-esteem in elementary school children.
Anne and Coley

June 26, 2005
An auction of giant size photos, took place in Los Angeles on Tuesday June 21. Many actresses, incuding Anne, who was featured in Elton John's book "4 Inches" were there. Anne's photo went for $10,000.
she said that she participated in the"4 Inches"project in honor of her father who died of AIDS,and added" Anything I'm willing to do to help,I'll do". (Thanks to Darrell for this piece of news)
June 5, 2005
"Site News." This site has been partially translate to Spanish. You can find Anne's bio there. More will be translated.

June 1st, 2005
"Anne naked !"
Here is Anne's photo from Elton John's book called "4 inches". More about the book there Anne HECHE naked!!
May 22, 2005
"Site News." The products area has been entirely re-designed. You can found there DVD, VHS, Books and more. Have a look to the new store there.

May 18, 2005
"TRUE : The 'pilot' will not fly." This year Anne was set to star in the WB Network's comedy pilot "True." (a pilot is a filmed episode of projected series). Yesterday, The WB officially announced his 2005 fall schedule and TRUE is not a part of it. So, Anne will not have her own serie this season. I guess she was very desappointed when she learned it. Anyway, she will star in the TV film "Silver Bells" this winter on CBS. The shooting is in progress.

May 11, 2005
"4 Inches."
Anne ( tastefully! ) nude in "Four Inches"!

Dressed in nothing but Jimmy Choo spikes and a piece of Cartier jewellery, a constellation of beautiful, successful and empowering women bare all in this long-awaited book Four Inches. The size of the heels they wear,

Four Inches features Christina Aguilera, Rachel Hunter, Lara Flynn-Boyle, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Jodie Kidd, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Macy Gray, Geri Halliwell, Serena Williams, Minnie and Kate Driver, Elle MacPherson, Tamara Mellon, Sophie Dahl, Anne Heche, Mimi Rogers, Pamela Anderson, Yasmin Le Bon, Sarah Ferguson and many more. . 10% of the proceeds from this book will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation who will make sure that it gets to women and girls in Africa who are infected with HIV/AIDS.

Released on June, 2005. Click on the link to preorder.

May 08, 2005
"Charity events."
Anne was at several charity events these days:
- The 12th Annual "Rock and Royalty to Erase MS" (Multiple Sclerosis) and Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show at the Century Plaza Hotel on April 22, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. Anne Heche
- She also attends the "3rd Annual Runway for Life Benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Celebrating the DVD release of NATIONAL TREASURE" at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on May 1,2005 in Los Angeles, Anne Heche

April 24, 2005
"Silver Bells."
'Bells' Ringing with Heche for CBS, Hallmark
By Nellie Andreeva LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - CBS is getting in the holiday spirit early with a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation of "Silver Bells," to star Anne Heche
Based on the novel by best-selling author Luanne Rice, "Silver Bells" centers on widow Catherine Tierney (Heche), a corporate librarian in Manhattan who takes a teenage boy under her wing after he runs away from his father, a Christmas tree farmer.
Jim McGrath penned the script, with Dick Lowry attached to direct. Production is slated to begin April 28 on the Paramount lot.
"Silver Bells" marks the second book by Rice to be adapted to the small screen as a Hallmark Hall of Fame production for CBS. Their previous collaboration, the 2001 film "Follow the Stars Home," also was directed by Lowry.
Hallmark Hall of Fame is flying high this season, with its previous presentation, the Keri Russell starrer "The Magic of Ordinary Days," ranking as one of the most-watched telefilms of the season.
Next for the franchise is the premiere of "Riding the Bus With My Sister" on May 1. Rosie O'Donnell and Andie MacDowell star in the movie, which was directed by Anjelica Huston.
"Silver Bells" extends Heche's relationship with CBS in the longform arena. In October, she toplined the network's original movie "The Dead Will Tell."
This development season, Heche is starring in the WB Network comedy pilot "True." She also has a recurring role this season on the WB drama "Everwood."
Last year she was nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of a drug-addicted mother in the Lifetime original movie "Gracie's Choice" and for a Tony for her role in the revival of "Twentieth Century."
Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

April 18, 2005
"Birth." Tomorrow is the DVD release of "Birth". You can order it on this site there.

April 17, 2005
"Site News." I added a new page for Homer, Anne's son. You can reach it there.

March 20, 2005
"Birth." The movie will be released in DVD on April 19, 2005.

March 12, 2005
"Sexual Life." This year, Echo Bridge has acquired the international rights to seven dynamic new feature films produced by Showtime Independent including Sexual Life. Echo Bridge Entertainment is an independent film distribution company, that acquires existing motion picture for distribution in theatrical, home video, television, and satellite markets throughout the world.
So I hope we will able to watch the movie soon.
For now, the movie is shown in these festivals :
- The Sedona International Film Festival on March 3rd 2005.
- The Phoenix Film Festival (April 7-10 2005).
Here is a review I found (Reviewed on videocassette, Los Angeles, June 24, 2004)

February 26, 2005
"Prozac Nation." Variety reports that Prozac Nation will be going direct to pay TV in the US. Starz! has picked up the rights to show the movie. Opening Date: March 19, 2005. This movie, shooting in 2001, was never released in the USA. If you want more information about the movie take a look at my page here

February 21, 2005
"Site News." I added a new page for the TV serie "True" in the "Her movies" section. You can reach it there.

February 20, 2005
"Annual Writers Guild Awards."
the 57th Annual Writers Guild Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on February 19, 2005 in Hollywood, California. . Anne HECHE

February 13, 2005
"True." Anne has got her own sitcom called "True". More in this article from the Toronto Sun here

January 26, 2005
"Sundance Film Festival."
Anne HECHE attends the Village at the Lift during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. She also visits this day the Activision House Benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Anne HECHE

January 22, 2005
"WB party."
Anne HECHE attends the Warner Bros Television 50th anniversary at Warner Brother Studios. Anne HECHE

January 22, 2005
"True." Anne Heche is set to star in the WB Network's comedy pilot "True."
Heche plays a young woman whose boyfriend breaks up with her while she is in labor with their baby, and she has to move back in with her parents. While the man doesn't leave her life completely, the ordeal is a wake-up call for the new mother, who has been procrastinating her entire life, staying in school for as long as possible to delay stepping into the real world.
Getting Heche on board lifts the contingency off the project, which originally was picked up on a cast-contingent basis. The casting also extends the actress' relationship with the WB. This season, she has a recurring role on its family drama "Everwood."
"True" is being executive produced by its writer, Kari Lizer.

January 18, 2005
"Gracie's Choice." Today is the DVD release of "Gracie's Choice". You can order it on this site there.

January 09, 2005
"Site News." You are able to order Anne's DVD or VHS from this site for several years. I add a new page called "My Store" in order to give explanations about this possibility. You will find it there.

January 01, 2005
"Happy New Year Everybody." I add a link, in the biography section, to an article published in 1998 in US Magazine, written by Al Weisel. It give us a good idea of Anne's frame of mind at this moment. You can reach the biography section throught this link or directly there.

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