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December 28, 2003
"Twentieth Century." Anne will play on Broadways in this comedy between February 27, 2004 and May 9, 2004. Tickets on sale on line tomorrow. All details are on the official site : RoundAbout Theatre
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December 09, 2003
"Prozac Nation." Lastest date for a limited release : March 14, 2004. To be continued.

December 03, 2003
"Gracie's Choice." The TV movie is schedule on Lifetime Network on Monday, January 12 at 8 pm et/pt.

November 09, 2003
"Prozac Nation." Here is an article from www.nytimes.com which explains why the release was delayed so many times. In short, it's related to the topic of the film and the controversial personality of Elizabeth Wurtzel, the book's author.
Miramax Films is keeping the project under wraps. "We're planning on a spring 2004 release," said Matthew Hiltzik, a studio spokesman, "but have just been waiting for a sign off from the producers."
Read the article

October 31, 2003
"Gracie's Choice."Lane in Halifax for TV movie Lifetime Network films true story (By Greg Guy)
Entertainment Editor Diane Lane is on her way to Halifax. The Oscar-nominated actress will star in the Lifetime Network made-for-TV movie, based on a true story, called Gracie's Choice. The 38-year-old Lane was nominated this year for an Academy Award for her role in Unfaithful. She is currently on the big screen in Under the Tuscan Sun. Joining Lane in Gracie's Choice are Anne Heche (Psycho, Return to Paradise, and Six Days, Seven Nights) and young L.A.-based actor Kristen Bell. Gracie's Choice began shooting in Halifax on Wednesday. It also stars local actors Jackie Torrens (Made In Canada) and 10-year-old Bedford actor David MacLean (Blessed Stranger: After Flight 111). Gracie's Choice is the story of a young girl (Bell) and her siblings growing up in an unfortunate situation, where their mother (Heche) is battling drug addiction. They are practically raised by their grandmother (Lane). Eventually, the young girl tries to adopt her siblings. The movie is being produced by Zerneck/Sertner Films, who are also in town filming Reversible Errors, based on the Scott Turow novel. It stars Tom Selleck and William H. Macy. Randy Sutter is one of the Gracie's Choice producers and Peter Werner directs. Filming continues until Nov. 18.

October 23, 2003
"The party is over." Anne and Coley were at the premiere of "the party is over" on October 23 at LA. Phillip Seymour Hoffman's movie is a documentary exploring the American political landscape through the eyes of the 2000 presidential election.

October 16, 2003
"Twentieth Century." Anne Heche will return to Broadway in the upcoming Roundabout Theatre Company staging of the new Ken Ludwig adaptation of the Ben Hecht-Charles MacArthur play Twentieth Century, according to Variety.
This hilarious comedy follows the exploits of temperamental Broadway producer Oscar Jaffe aboard the Twentieth Century - a luxury train from Chicago to New York. Desperate for his next hit show, Oscar discovers his former leading lady, now a big movie star, is on the train. Oscar determines he must convince her to return to Broadway and save his career.
Anne Heche, who made her Broadway debut in Proof, would star opposite Alec Baldwin in the Walter Bobbie-directing revival slated for early 2004 at the American Airlines Theatre. (February 27 - May 9, 2004)
Heche recently performed in the David Rambo radio adaptation of the Ruth Gordon-Garson Kanin screenplay, "Adam’s Rib" at Los Angeles Theatre Works.

October 08, 2003
"Adam's Rib."Anne Heche (Proof), Adam Arkin (I Hate Hamlet) and John Pankow (Barbra's Wedding) star in the David Rambo radio adaptation of the Ruth Gordon-Garson Kanin screenplay, "Adam’s Rib" at Los Angeles Theatre Works, Oct. 8-12.
Gordon Hunt directs the live performances of the work at the Skirball Cultural Center which will be recorded for future radio broadcast. Also in the cast are Marvin Kaplan and Mary Pat Gleason.
"Adam's Rib" follows the story of two happily married lawyers who find themselves opposing each other on the same big-time case. The ultimate battle of the sexes makes for comical antics in the courtroom and at home.
August 15, 2003
"Sexual Life." Actresses ANNE HECHE, ELIZABETH BANKS, DULE HILL and KERRY WASHINGTON are all preparing to sign to appear in new independent movie SEXUAL LIFE. The KEN KWAPIS-directed film, for which shooting is due to start this month (AUG03) in Los Angeles, will also star TOM EVERETT SCOTT, AZURA SKYE, JAMES LeGROS and KEVIN CORRIGAN. Sexual Life, which has been in development for 10 years, focuses on the intertwined relationships of a group of adults.

August 12, 2003
"Prozac nation." According to Miramax, the movie will be in theaters on Fall.

August 07, 2003
Premiere of "American splendor". Anne was at the premiere of "American splendor" on August, 8 at LA. American splendor
July 20, 2003
"Prozac nation." It seems that the movie was not open on June 6. No new release date has been set.
June 18, 2003
Premiere of "Charlie's Angels". Anne and Coley were at the Premiere of Charlie's Angels : full throttle on June, 18 at LA.

May 19, 2003
"Another world." SoapNet, a cable channel, has acquired 35 years' worth of episode of former NBC daytime serie "Another World". Coming July 1,2003, get involved in the lives of the Cory's, the Hudson's, the McKinnon's. Anne played twins Marley McKinnon and Vicki Hudson Frame for four years, until 1991.
May 06, 2003
"Prozac nation." US release is delayed until June, 6th.
March 07, 2003
On the shooting of "Birth". A key scene was filmed at the Waldorf Astotia in New York City. It features Anne Heche running into the hotel gift shop purshasing a picture frame on her way to a party. This is a very important scene. All hands were on deck while they flimed and also exterior shots of the hotel including the parking garage where shot. The Waldorf Astoria will not be in this movie since Ms. Heche is supposed to be on 5th Ave, not Park Ave.
February 19, 2003
Anne Heche was not too pleased with her unauthorized book's parody. "That is just sick" she said.
February 05, 2003
Anne Heche is in negotiations to join Nicole Kidman, Danny Huston and Lauren Bacall in Fine Line Features' "Birth" for filmmaker Jonathan Glazer. "Birth" is a dramatic mystery set in New York's Upper East Side. Into the life of a 35 years old woman, Anna (Kidman) , comes a 10 year old boy, David, who is in love with her and convinced he is the reincarnation of her dead husban. Drawn to remember her past, Anna begins to question the choices she's made, much to the concern and consternation of her fiancé and her family. Anne Heche would star as a close friend of Kidman's character.
January 20, 2003
"Prozac Nation" starring Christina Ricci and Anne Heche will be released on March, 2003.
January 17, 2003
According to the site "AlloCiné", the plan about "Aphrodite" with Ralph Fiennes seems to be retired. On the other hand, "Timepiece" is always topical. The project would reach the stage of the pre-production. The schedule for the shooting is not specified.
January 10, 2003
Her book "Call me crazy" continue with suciter the polemics. Old rancours are tough. A theatre from California (I don't name it!) plays, until the last of February, a nasty parody about her book. Actors reads excerpts which are "non-intentionally comic". As far as I am concerned, I don't noticed that a book about abuse and its aftermath may be comic.
January 05, 2003
Today is the last show for Anne on "Proof" on Broadway.

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