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Men in Trees
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December 31, 2009
"What happened these last months?"

Sorry for the delay, but I was to busy these last months and not able to provide any updates. Now it’s OK, so here are two articles, the first about the ex and the second about the boyfriend.
Anne and the Ex.
Anne Heche is convinced her ex-husband Coley Laffoon will never find a job as long as she provides him with monthly child support payments. The actress' divorce from Laffoon was finalised in March 2009, when the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered her to pay him a lump sum of $515,000 as well as $3,700 every month to provide for their seven-year-old son Homer. She made it clear their split was anything but amicable when she appeared on U.S. TV in August 2009 and ranted about her "lazy a**" ex making his living off her acting work.
Heche insists Laffoon is still unemployed - and she fears he'll stay that way because of her regular court-ordered payments. The star says, "I pay an extraordinary amount of money to him, and it's unfortunate because it is what I believe keeps him from getting a job."
After her appearance in the Letterman show some people think that she wouldn’t talk like that about her Father’s son, but she has no regrets about publicly humiliating her ex-husband COLEY LAFFOON by branding him a "lazy-a**" during a controversial U.S. TV interview - insisting her cutting comments were meant to be "funny". But Heche insists she would not change anything about her TV appearance.
She tells Usmagazine.com, "You know, you go on Letterman to have fun and to be funny. Hopefully it was funny!"
A few days after, TMZ reported that they’ve been court-ordered to hire a “parenting coordinator” to coach them, and that “parenting coordinator” charges $375 - an hour! Many people think that $375 an hour is a little steep and even outrageous.

Anne and James “eternally engaged”
Anne Heche was asked for her hand in marriage by her son and boyfriend James Tupper on a recent trip to Paris. Despite the fact that the 43-year-old is not the biological father of Homer, 7, the pair have always shared a close relationship. ‘James and Homer asked me to marry them together as a family,' she says. But, after her messy divorce from ex Coleman Laffoon, Anne, 40, isn't quite ready to tie the knot again. ‘All three of us decided that we would forever be engaged,' she tells The Observer. James said: "We are eternally engaged. That means I have to give her a new ring every year. I'm not saying we'll never officially get engaged, but she likes getting a ring every year."

September 6, 2009
"Atlas's page"

I created a new page for Atlas whitch included photos. Here is the link: Atlas Heche Tupper

June 22, 2009
"Spread: New trailer"

Here are the release dates for Spread along with the new trailer:

  • France 8 July 2009
  • Finland 7 August 2009
  • Norway 7 August 2009
  • Sweden 7 August 2009
  • Russia 13 August 2009
  • USA 14 August 2009
  • Estonia 21 August 2009
  • Spain 28 August 2009
  • Portugal 15 October 2009
  • Germany 22 October 2009

June 22, 2009
"Hung: another excerpt with Anne"

Hung premiere is for Sunday June 28th on HBO, so hold your breath!

June 21, 2009
"Hung Trailer with Anne"

Here is the latest trailer which features Anne. The topic of this comedy is quiet provocative. It’s the story of a well-endowed guy who becomes a male prostitute in order to survive after his house burn and his wife left him.

May 10, 2009
"16th Annual Race to Erase MS"

Anne and James attended the 16th Annual Race to Erase MS. It was her first public appearance since she welcomed her new baby boy Atlas. During this event, she met her “Wag the Dog” co-star Dustin Hoffman.
The day after, Anne and James attended the 2nd Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament “Dealing for Duchenne” at the Petersen Automotive Museum.
Anne Heche & Dustin Hoffman

Mai 4, 2009
"Hung on Sunday night"

HBO will get "Hung" on Sunday nights beginning June 28.
The newcomer, staring Anne, will air at 10:00/9:00c following the second season of "True Blood" at 9:00/8:00c.
Here's the network's official description of the series: "Years ago in high school, Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) was athletic, popular and destined for success. Now, as a high-school teacher and basketball coach, he's underpaid, uninsured, and embittered that his wife of 20 years (Anne Heche) has left him for her dermatologist. After a fire damages the rundown Detroit home he inherited from his parents, Ray's fortunes reach an all-time low when his twin children, who had been living with him, move in with their mom and her clean-freak hubby. Lonely, run-down and at wit's end, Ray attends a local self-help class whose mantra is to identify a personal "winning tool" to market for financial success. After a not-so-fulfilling encounter with a fellow attendee - an ex-flame and would-be poet named Tanya (Jane Adams) - Ray has a "eureka" moment. With the help of Tanya, Ray resolves to take advantage of his greatest asset, in hopes of changing his fortunes in a big way."
Charlie Saxton and Eddie Jemison also star in the hour, which comes from co-creators Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson. Alexander Payne helmed in the pilot.
Official website

April 26, 2009
"Spread release date"

According to "Entertainment Weekly", "Spread" will be released on August 14th in the USA.

April 13, 2009
"Anne HECHE is Studying Whales in the Artic Ocean."

Here is an excerpt of the "Sea Ghosts" Ocean Adventures episode narrated by Anne. The DVD can be found here www.shppbs.org

April 5, 2009
"Ocean Adventures: Sea Ghosts"

Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Adventures Team explore the human connection to Beluga and Orca Whales on PBS with 2 new episodes. The episode called “Sea Ghosts”, about the Beluga white whales, airing on April 8 at 8 pm (See www.pbs.org) is narrated by Anne Heche. Could it be a tip of the hat to “Men in Trees” in which Jack was studying whales in the Berring sea? In this case, Anne could have picked as well the second episode of this ocean saga called “Call of the Killer Whale”, about orcas, in remembrance of her colourful meeting with the Vancouver Canucks' mascot, Fin the Whale (See my news Horrible!!! Anne eaten by an orca!!!).

April 5, 2009
"Love, Marriage and Marilyn Monroe"

Anne will star in this new project with Christina Applegate, the “Samantha Who?” actress which character Sam was recently involved with Owen played by Anne’s boyfriend James Tupper. It’s a small word.
"Love, Marriage and Marilyn Monroe" is the story of a triangle between a girl, her mother and a woman of the world. Set in upstate NY, during 1962, the summer that Marilyn Monroe died, Lilly Mencken, an innocent, newly rebellious girl of 12, is facing her last summer as a child. When May Bliss, a Marilyn Monroe figure, joins the community and threatens the norm, Lilly finds her mother, Dottie, coming up short against May's glamour and non-conformity. But when May's behavior forces Lilly to confront the complexities of the adult world, Lilly learns about the ambiguous and complicated ways of love and marriage and comes to see the adults around her in a new and powerful light.
(More on
www.emergingpictures.com/love_marriage.htm )

March 15, 2009
"!!! Welcome ATLAS !!!"

Last weekend, Anne has given birth to a healthy baby boy named "Atlas Heche Tupper". He is weighed in at six pounds, 12 ounces.
It has been reported that Homer, Anne’s first child, is very excited to be a big brother.
It seems that Anne is very inspired by the Greek Mythology for picking her babies names. Homer came from the Greek poet Homer (Not from the Simson!, See
Homer Heche Laffoon) . Atlas is the guy who support the Heaven in the Greek Mythology. A big challenge for the little boy!

March 15, 2009
"Anne and Coley Officially divorced"

According to People Magazine, Anne Heche's two-year divorce battle with Coley Laffoon came to an end on Wednesday, March 4th. Although they reached a settlement last June to end their five-year marriage, with Heche paying $3,700 a month in child support, it took another nine months to hammer out custody details and the split of their assets.
According to the Los Angeles Superior Court documents:

  • Anne and Coley will share 50-50 physical and legal custody of son, Homer, 7.
  • Anne will pay $3,700 in monthly child support, as well as 75 percent of her son's private school tuition.
  • Anne agreed to pay Coley a $515,000 lump sum cash payment. He'll also get half of all their community property, including more than $700,000 worth of stocks and other assets.
  • Anne keeps her multimillion-dollar home in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Coley waived his right to claim any spousal support.

March 8, 2009
"Toxic Skies on Superchannel"

The latest TV film, in which star Anne and James called “Toxic Skies” (Initially called “Chem Trail”) will air on Superchanel in Canada from March 12th to March 23th.
www.superchannel.ca for more details)
Here is the trailer:

You can also read the topic on my new page here: "Toxic Skies"

February 10, 2009
"Anne HECHE to co-star on HBO's Hung"

Anne Heche will co-star on HBO's new series "Hung," from creators Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson and director Alexander Payne.
The dark comedy, which was picked up for 10 episodes, centers on Ray (Thomas Jane), a well-endowed struggling high school basketball coach.
Anne will play Ray's ex-wife, who is remarried. She replaces Kristin Bauer, who played the role in the pilot. The scenes in the pilot featuring the character will be reshot.
Production on "Hung" is slated to begin in mid-March, with the premiere eyed for June.

February 4, 2009
"Anne&James Signing the Vespa"

Thanks to Stand Up To Cancer for this photo
Anne&James signing the Vespa for SU2C

January 29, 2009
"Auction for Stand Up To Cancer"
Actor Dominic Cooper (The Duchess) signed his name alongside fellow celebs Alan Cumming, Anne Heche, Wesley Snipes and Christie Brinkley on a Vespa S50 at the Island Def Jam suite at Sundance. The moped is being auctioned off to benefit Stand Up To Cancer, which aims to attack cancer once and for all by pushing promising scientific breakthroughs to the finish.
The auction began yesterday and ends on Tuesday February 10, 2009 -- http://www.charityfolks.com/su2c
Stand Up To Cancer

January 25, 2009
"Spread at Sundance"

The Sundance Festival ended today. Anne presented her new movie “Spread” with Ashton Kutcher. She makes several interviews and you can find 2 of them there:
www.sundancechannel.com (Click on the “Festival Updates Interview” tab and pick “Spread”)
It seems like Anne made a sexy appearance in the film. Plus Anne and James have been spotted walking around in the town.(See the photos opposite) As you can see, looking at the baby bump, the baby will come early than we originally supposed. Actually she tells E! she was 7 months pregnant
And the very good piece of news is that Spread rights for US, Canada and Australia has been sold for almost $4 millions to Anchor Bay.
Anne Heche, Ashton Kutcher, Margarita Levieva

January 18, 2009
"Anne interviewed by her Fannes"

It has been initiated at the begin of 2008 and done by Preston, Anne’s webmaster, last summer. It has been published yesterday on her official website:
Anne Interviewed by Her Fannes

January 17, 2009
"Sundance Express"

Yesterday, Anne&James were spotted at LAX on their way to the Sundance Festival on ExpressJet’s “Sundance Express” Anne&James at LAX

January 15, 2009
"Spread at the Sundance film Festival"

The Sundance festival is starting today in Park City, Utah. Here are the date of the Screenings of "Spread", the latest Anne's movie:
Sat. Jan 17 9:15 p.m. - SPREA17CN Eccles Theatre, Park City
Sun. Jan 18 9:15 a.m. - SPREA18CM Eccles Theatre, Park City
Thu. Jan 22 9:00 p.m. - SPREA22WN Tower Theatre, SLC

More on the official site Spread at the Sundance Festival.
Click on the gorgeous wallpaper opposite
Spread: Anne near the pool

January 14, 2009
"Blue for a boy?"

Seems to be a boy for Anne and James. As we already told you, they were at the Boom Boom Room’s Children’s Gifting Wonderland in L.A. on January 9 purchasing nothing but blue items, according to People.com. The shopping spree included Robeez Guitar leather booties in pastel blue, several blue Happy Heinys Reusable diapers and a blue MiGi blanket.
A source close to Heche said, “She told people she was having a boy,” and adds, “They were so excited to be picking out things for a little boy.
Anne&James The Booties!

January 11, 2009
"Baby On The Way"

Anne Heche and James Tupper pose at the Boom Boom Room's Children's Gifting Wonderland at Century Plaza Hotel (LA,CA) Pregnant Anne and James

January 11, 2009
"Spread: Exclusive sneak peek from EW.com"

Here is a sneak peek video from spread: EW.com

January 1, 2009
"!!!Happy New Year!!!"

Happy New Year to all Fannes! (Fannes=Fans+Anne, just for those who didn’t know.)
And of course Happy New Year to Anne&James&Homer and welcome to the future baby!

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