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on her official website.

December 20, 2007
"Anne's Christmas Message"

Here's Anne's message form her official website. I added between brackets [] some explanations.
Dearest Fannes,
Well Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays to all. As the year comes to a close, I wanted to send a warm, love filled embrace to you all. Although my contact has been brief this year [In her official website], you have all stuck with me and supported me through what, I know you understand, has been a difficult year.[Her divorce] The good news is that Homer [Her 5 year old son] is terrific and we are looking forward to a ten day holiday break together in (hopefully!) a snowy Vancouver. We bought a Christmas tree Saturday [December 15th?] and as Homer was a little under the weather, James [James Tupper, her boyfriend and "Jack" in MiT] wrapped him in blankets and carried him through the trees until Homer blinked his eyes really fast at the one he liked the most. It was quite adorable. Then we headed back home, tree in our trunk to decorate with lights, homemade clay ornaments and minitature action figures that we had painted multi colored one day in my trailer. Homer was quite patient putting the presents under the tree and teased that all the gifts were for him and "none for Mommy!". Unfortunately we were taking cough medicine while the "Men In Trees" Christmas party was happening that evening but we got healthy and our wonderful cast and crew reported they had a blast.
It is a time of much confusion and conflict with the writers strike. Many shows have already stopped shooting. we fortunately have one more to go after the break so we will have ten new episodes in the new year so tell all your friends to tune in! We may be one of the only shows not in reruns in 2008. But fingers crossed this will be settled in the new year. If I have a Christmas wish, that is it. Blessings on all the writers, their families and all the people affected by this strike. and for you, my fannes, I wish a wonderful blissful holiday.
I hope you are all taking a break from a long hard year of work and creativity. [I skiped here some personal messages to people who sent her gifts] You have all been so generous with your love and gifts.And every time you turn on "Men In Trees" or "Letterman" or "The View" [2 shows in which she appeared this Fall] and watch me with a smile, I am gifted by each one of you. Much, much appreciation.
Have a happy, merry Christmas to you all.

December 17, 2007
"Did you see the Chief?"

Here is a little game from the episode 8 "Sweatering It Out".
Follow the link to
Anne's official website.

December 16, 2007
"ABC's midseason primetime schedule"

One week after the other networks ABC has announced it midseason primetime schedule.
The new timeslot of MiT is :
Wednesday 10pm beginning on February 27, 2008
In this new timeslot MiT will compete with "Law & Order" (NBC) and "CSI: NY" (CBS)

December 13, 2007
"ABC starts the reruns"

Episode 9 will not be on the air tomorrow. ABC changes the schedule for the end of the year:

  • December, 14: "A Trees Goes in Elmo" (Episode 1)
  • December, 21: Not on the air
  • December, 28: "Chemical Reaction" (Episode 2)

December 13, 2007
"Coley Laffoon wants more Money"

Coley, who hasn't worked since 2000 and ... not much before, claimed that "his lifestyle during the marriage was much higher." So, $15,000 a month is not enough for him. In a court document, he requests to be increased to $22,604!

December 9, 2007
"Photos from episode 8, season 2"

The photos are available here

November 29, 2007
"Photos from episode 7, season 2"

The photos are available here
No MiT episode tomorrow. The next episode, "Sweatering It Out", will air on Friday, December 7th

November 25, 2007
"Jenny Bicks from the picket line"

Jenny, who was standing on the picket line in front of the gates of the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood has been reach on her cell phone. She answered questions about some hot topics:

Jenny Bicks
About rumors of relocation to LA of shows based in Canada due to the high Canadian dollar:
"The gossip is based on fear and paranoia and not fact. I really can't shoot the show anywhere else. It makes no sense to shoot anywhere else. We have no intention of moving the show. My crew can be rest assured we're not going anywhere. I'd be sad if that happened in B.C."
About the screenwriters strike:
"My gang is hanging tough and we're all very thankful to have stuff to shoot. I'm cautiously optimistic that this will get settled before we're in a position where our season is shortened,"
About upcoming negotiations between the writers guild and the Alliance of producers: (on November 26)
She applauds the return of the talks. "It's tough waking up early and walking in circles," she says (her shift starts at 6 a.m.). "And what's really difficult is to get your head around the fact that this could be a marathon. We have to keep our energy and optimism up. We want to be writing. We miss being on set. There has been a lot of growing anger toward the companies because people are out of work."

November 23, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Don't miss Episode 7 : "Sea Change", today at 8p.m. on ABC
This is the first new episode of the season 2. The 5 previous one has been shooted last year and has been aired last summer in New-Zealand.

November 19, 2007
"Hello Treehuggers!"

Jenny Bicks and her team of writers are in strike, so Anne has been asked to write a message on the official blog of MiT. She also sent a message in her own website. Here is a large excerpt of what she wrote in her website:
Hello Treehuggers!
As I’m sure you all know by now our beloved writers are on strike and we here in Elmo miss them very much. What that means for those who read the blogs is that I, Anne Heche, will have to do the honors. I may not be as funny or as clever, but I wanted to reach out and tell you a bit of what’s going on. If you do not know the details of the strike, I encourage you to go on You Tube and get the details from the Writers Guild, they have done a great job of putting their point of view into language that we, or I, can at least understand. So let me say this to you and to them: I completely support everything that the writers are striking for. They are asking for participation in profits that I feel are fair and well deserved. After all, without writers we would not have TV shows to act in, movies to watch, Soaps to weep over or Late Night jokes to keep up from our sleep. So there you have it. I hope you support all of the writers in whatever way you can and keep your fingers crossed that this strike will end quickly. Many people are losing their jobs and others live in the fear that they may be next. Our hearts send good energy and hopes for a peaceful conclusion to all involved.

So now we get to Men In Trees. What’s happening here? Well, our great leader, Jenny Bicks, thought ahead and cared for us, the talent and crew of Trees and for you our fans and wrote five shows that we can shoot even though the strike is going on. So we, unlike most shows, are still shooting our little (now freezing cold) tails off. We are very fortunate to be in this position. We will have enough shows to carry us through our winter break. So new shows will continue to be on the air! Go Jenny! She and our team of writers really are amazing to have been able to accomplish this task and we are very grateful. Thanks to all of them, we are now way ahead of you in what you are seeing on the air, and I can say there are many surprises ahead.

Peace and love,
Anne Heche

November 18, 2007
"Photos from episode 6, season 2"

The photos are available here

November 16, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Don't miss Episode 6 : "A Nice Day for a Dry Wedding, Part II", today at 8p.m. on ABC

November 11, 2007
"Photos from episode 5, season 2"

The photos are available here

November 10, 2007
"Welcome to MITTV !"

May be you ever felt the sound of rising panic rippling over the TV series world. The screenwriter strike will irreparably affect most of the TV series produced this season. If the dispute between the union representing TV and film writers and the networks is not resolved in a few weeks all series will be shortened due to a lack of script. But MiT with 5 episodes left from last season, plus 10 new episodes already shot and 4 scripts to be shoot, could be possibly the longest-running scripted show this season. And as said Emily Bergl (Annie) in her blog : In fact, it may be the only new show out there.Television will no longer be called TV, but MITTV.

November 9, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Don't miss Episode 5 : "The Girl Who Cried Wolf - Part I", today at 8p.m. on ABC

November 2, 2007
"Photos from episode 4, season 2"

The photos are available here

November 2, 2007
"Men in Trees: New time slot"

Don't miss Episode 4 : "I wood if I could", today at 8p.m. on ABC

October 28, 2007
"Photos from episode 3, season 2"

The photos are available here

October 26, 2007
"Anne&James at the Gemini Awards"

Anne and James will fly this weekend to Regina, Canada for the 22nd Gemini Awards. The Gemini Awards are the annual celebration of Canada's English language television. Tupper is up for the viewer's choice award for the favourite Canadian actor on television. Anne could be a presenter. Just a thought.

October 21, 2007
"Photos from episode 2, season 2"

The photos are available here

October 19, 2007
"Men in trees"

Don't miss episode 2, called "Chemical Reactions" today on ABC at 10p.m.

October 14, 2007
"Photos from episode 1, season 2"

The photos are available here

September 30, 2007
"Guest Appearances"

  • Anne will be appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show that will air on October 12th. The show will be tape on October 9th in Los Angeles.
  • Anne will be on THE VIEW on Thursday Oct. 11th.
  • She will also be on "The Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday, Oct 11th at 11:35pm.

September 29, 2007
"Good Day in Court"

Anne Heche and her estranged husband both said they were happy after a closed hearing in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday September 26 regarding custody of their 5-year-old son.
A smiling Heche said she had a "good day in court" as she left the courthouse with her lawyers.
Coleman Laffoon, who appeared moments later with his attorneys, said he also was pleased, but added he was going through what anyone else does who gets divorced.
Both he and Heche declined to talk about what orders might have been handed down by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Frederick C. Shaller.

September 17, 2007
"Superman Doomsday"

Superman Doomsday direct-to-video animated DVD will be released on September 18, 2007, and will be the first animated Superman project to get a PG-13 rating. Anne Heche stars as Lois Lane (voice) with Alec Baldwin as Superman. If you need more details, please click on the link opposite.

September 16, 2007
"Morgan Fairchild"

80's soap actress Morgan Fairchild will guest-star later this season in "Men in Tress" as herself.
"She shows up in Elmo and decides she wants to buy Marin's life rights," reveals MIT creator Jenny Bicks of her one-episode stint, which shoots this month but won't air until February 2008.
Morgan Fairchild

September 16, 2007
"Men in trees: The new season"

The show will come back on Friday October 12 at 10:00pm on ABC with an unaired episode called "A Trees Goes in Elmo." This episode has been especialy created for viewers of North America. It will air before the 5 unaired episodes of season 1, so the season 2 will have an overall of 27 episodes.
Here is a description of this episode (WARNING SPOILERS!)
"To help Marin get rid of issues that weigh her down, Cash takes her to visit a guru. On the way back down the mountain trail, an arctic cyclone erupts. Jack goes out to look for them and a pregnant Lynn can't do anything to stop him. Everyone hunkers down at the Chieftain to wait out the storm, and they learn some surprising things about each other. Mai and Buzz argue over his first choice of a wife, the engaged Patrick and Annie see her competitive spirit at work, Celia and Dick take their relationship to a new intimacy level, and Sara tells Ben about her mysterious court summons - much to the chagrin of wife Theresa"

September 9, 2007
"Anne Talks about her romance"

Anne&James has talked about their romance with “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush on September 5th.
Here are some excerpts:
"You have lived a very courageous life, haven’t you?" asked Billy.
"I don’t know if it’s courageous, but I’ve lived a big life," said Anne.
"It’s my heart,I gotta go where it leads ... People are somewhat confused by me and I understand that, but I am also proud that I’m a woman who represents ... making difficult choices that bring you to where you want to be."
here for whole interview.
You can also watch it on Youtube (thanks to Suzanne)

August 24, 2007
"Anne&James move in"

Anne&James have just bought a new home together in West Vancouver.
"It feels a little bit like heaven," admitted James to his local paper, Vancouver Sun.
He is very enthusiastic about their relationship. Here is what he told to the "Vancouver Sun": "We are just exploring our relationship and it has been going very well. Where is it going? I don't know. Ask me again in a year."
And he added:
"I think we both made decisions that were based on the relationships we were in. I wish people could meet her in person. She has such a sparkle and such a love for people and she works so hard. She is so dedicated to all the good things."

August 17, 2007
"The Master of Sci-Fi"

Don't miss the episode called "Jerry Was a Man" in which Anne star. It will air on Saturday, August 18 at 10pm on ABC.

August 17, 2007
"Divorce: Anne want to spend more time with her son "

The existing child-custody order currently states that Heche must give her ex two weeks' notice when she plans to spend time with their son, Homer.
In her declaration to the court she wrote:
"Occasionally I have breaks in my work schedule that would permit me to travel to Los Angeles for up to four days. I request an order that when one of these breaks occurs, I may spend the time with Homer in Los Angeles on seven days advance notice to Coley. I never have more than seven days advance notice of such breaks and therefore cannot give more notice."

August 16, 2007
"On the Set With Anne Heche!"

At the beginning of this summer ETonline make an interview of Anne Heche and Jame Tupper on the set of "Men in Trees". You can watch this interview here
Some intesrestings exerpts:
James Tupper:We took the time off, we focused on Homer her son, and just spent some beautiful time with him, and so great with him, she is a wonderful mother, and it’s been beautiful to be a part of that, see her be with him.
Anne Heche:There is not a lot of paparazzis here, thanks, you’re driving your driveway and there is no cameras. Homer, my son thinks that it’s king of funny too, because we always have paparazzis meeting us in the airport when we fly up here And he get up there and there are no paparazzi at the airport, and he said: "-Mom were are the cameras?"
"-No, they are not here"
They are not here!

August 16, 2007
"About Jack's love interest"

In her latest post in "Blog in trees" Jenny Bick (creator of Men in Trees) said:
"Contrary to press reports, the character of Julia, played by Kelli Williams (not Martin, folks!) will NOT be a love interest for Jack. She will play a happily married scientist who works with Jack. They will bond, but this isn’t a love thing, okay? You will get some delicious Jack and Marin this season, I promise."

August 9, 2007
"Divorce: Psychological Testing for Anne and Coley"

An L.A. judge is ordering Anne and Coley to undergo psychological, drug and alcohol testing to help the court determine the best living situation for their son Homer, 5.

August 9, 2007
"Men in Trees: Comments from author Jenny Bicks"

A raccoon named Elvis was the comic relief last season on ABC's Men in Trees, which is set in Alaska (but shot near Vancouver).
The first episode had barely aired when executive producer Jenny Bicks was inundated by e-mails from nit-pickers complaining that raccoons are not indigenous to Alaska.
Luckily the complaints have not cost Elvis his job. "Elvis will be back," Bicks said. "But only when I can explain how I made that mistake."
Elvis wasn't the only target of angry e-mailers, Bicks said. Fans were furious when Justine Bateman (Lynn in the series) was brought in to steal Heche's love interest, played by James Tupper.
"I was surprised by the rabid anger of the fans," Bicks said.
Her position is that the series would have gotten boring if Heche and Tupper quickly lived happily ever after: "You always have to keep that dance going." Bicks gave the impression that Heche and Tupper have not danced their last dance in the series.

August 9, 2007
"Anne thanks his 'Men in Trees' familly for support"

At the beginning of this month Anne has publicly thanked the cast and crew of her TV series"Men in Tress" for helping her cope during her recent marriage split. She admits she wouldn't have been able to get through a difficult few months had it not been for her TV "family". She explains, "One of the things that has been so great to me this year is finding a family and finding that there are other people around you who help support and love you through difficult times and don't judge you and allow you to make mistakes. This cast of people and this crew of people on Men In Trees have developed such a loving family supportive group that I've learned to trust a family that was so necessary in my life."

July 30, 2007
"Anne Heche and James Tupper go public with their romance"

So, it's official, Anne has admitted that she is in love.
"I've got...a gorgeous love in my life," OK! Magazine quoted her, as saying. James, at ABC's TCA party on July 26, said that he "adored" the actress. "I adore her. Anne is such an interesting person. She's such a beautiful woman," James said. When asked what was the secret behind their successful relationship, both on and off screen, James said, "We go have fun together and then when it comes to the work, it's very serious. We work through the script, which is hard - as complicated as having a relationship."

July 29, 2007
"Kelli Williams joins Men in Trees"

Ex-Practice star Kelli Williams will have an arc on Men in Trees this season. She'll play a love interest for Jack (James Tupper). The story is that Jack goes out of town for a spell to do some work and finds himself falling for a married woman, played by Williams. She'll appear in 5-6 episodes, starting with episode 7 this next season. Kelli Williams

July 29, 2007
"ABC 2007 Summer Press Tour"

Actor James Tupper and actress Anne Heche arrives at the ABC Summer Press Tour Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 26, 2007 in Beverly Hills, California James and Anne
Creator and executive producer Jenny Bicks, along with the cast, on the set at the ABC Television Critics Association party in Beverly Hills Thursday night. Anne heche
Some Anne's words about her personal life:
"[I hope] that we can stay focused on the love and blessings of my life,Summer has been about providing [Homer] with that." Anne said that the pair engaged in typical summer activities – sports and reading.
"I hope that I learn from the things that I go through and hopefully I can be a loving parent – certainly for Homer, who's had the best summer of his life,"
Now that "Trees" has resumed production in Vancouver, Heche says it's a relief to be away from the attention of her marital breakup and spend this quality time with Homer.
"I'm so glad to be back at work," she said. "These beautiful cast members that I'm running around with are like playmates and I have [Homer] riding around on his bike on the set, playing hide-and-seek in everybody's trailers."
"About the show"
Jenny Bicks, the show's creator, indicated season two will focus on Heche's character's love life.
"I'm into it!" Heche said of Bicks's transforming her "into a sex symbol."
the actress was asked which way Marin was headed when the show comes back Oct. 12 in a new time slot, Fridays at 9 p.m.
"I think Marin is going to go through quite a journey this year of figuring out which one of her honeys is appropriate for her to explore a relationship with," Heche replied evasively.
Bicks, somewhat less evasively: "There will be multiple suitors. There will be multiple suitors, and she will be living with more than one man at a certain point. So there will be -- it IS a 10 o'clock show now." (That's 9 Central, of course.)
Heche, happily: "10 o'clock! I can have multiple honeys!"

July 21, 2007
"The Hancock Park house"

LOCATION: S. Las Palmas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $3,795,000
SIZE: 3,819 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
Dramatic oversized LR opening to gardens & pool, handsome large DR, exceptional FamRm/eat-in kitchen w/superior appliances, adjoining ante-room& butlers pantry. Upstairs are 2 excellent bedroom suites & a sumptuous master suite with large terrace overlooking lovely rear lawns and gardens. Extensive entertaining areas. Above the garage is an updated guesthouse/bath.
Great example of Paul Williams' work.

Hancock Park House

More photos here

July 21, 2007
"Divorce: lastest events update"

Anne and Coley agreed on something: to put their Hollywood mansion up for sale. Their swanky Hancock Park manse is currently listed for the bargain price of $3.795 million.
A judge has awarded Anne a cache of furniture, including a footstool and a yellow armchair. Anne insisted the items belonged to her before the marriage and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Frederick C. Shaller has agreed, ruling she may keep the furniture and linens.
Judge Shaller also ruled Laffoon shall have "temporary exclusive use and occupancy of the residence."

July 21, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Episode 22 called "Nice Day For A Dry Wedding" will air Monday July 23 at 9.30pm on TV2 in New Zealand.
More on the official website
TV2 (Warning: may be some spoliers!)

July 14, 2007

Anne has been accused of stealing furniture by Coley.
Lamps, furniture, yoga rugs -- and even custody of a cat -- are among the disputed items listed in court documents filed by Laffoon, who accuses Heche of taking things from the house while he was out of town. However, Heche denies the allegations, insisting the items belonged to her before the marriage.
Furthermore, Coley alleges that Heche "had gone into my closet and ripped the buttons off of 19 of my shirts and removed some of my pants."
Plus, Coley is hinting he may ''go public'' with a cache of letters exchanged between Ellen DeGeneres and Anne shortly before and immediately after they split.
So, it seems that Coley become nastier and nastier. My advice: Just try to find a job and you will be able to put you own shirt with your own buttons into your own closet and even have your own furniture!

July 14, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Episode 21 called "The Girl Who Cried Wolf" will air Monday July 16 at 9.30pm on TV2 in New Zealand.
More on the official website
TV2 (Warning: may be some spoliers!)

July 7, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Episode 20 called "I Wood If I Could" will air Monday July 9 at 9.30pm on TV2 in New Zealand.
More on the official website
TV2 (Warning: may be some spoliers!)
Filming schedule for season 2 has been announced: start on July 19, 2007 and wraps up on April 17th, 2008.

June 30, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Episode 19 called "No Man Is An Iceland" will air Monday July 2 at 9.30pm on TV2 in New Zealand.
More on the official website
TV2 (Warning: may be some spoliers!)

June 23, 2007
"The Masters of Sci-FI"

The 3rd episode with Anne untitled "Jerry Was a Man" will air on August 18th at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.
Topic: Set in the future, the world's seventh richest couple, the van Vogels, find their lives changed forever when they acquire an anthropoid named Jerry.
More on the
official website.

June 23,2007
"Anne and Homer in LA"

Hand-in-hand, Anne and Homer took a stroll in Los Angeles last weekend. Anne seems to be a Dodger fan. Anne and Homer

June 20, 2007
"MiT: Next episode on June 25th!!!"

Yes, that's true, although there is a litle bit of a problem. Episode 18 called "Chemical Reaction" will air on TV2 in New Zealand!.
More on the official website
TV2 (Warning: may be some spoliers!)

June 17, 2007
"MiT schedule"

According to Jenny Bick (MiT's creator) ABC will start RE RUNS on June 28th at 10 pm (Thursdays after Greys Anatomy). About 16 episodes will air on Thursday nights during all the summer.(not time enough for all of them)
She added: "SEASON TWO will start airing FRIDAY NIGHTS at the end of September or beginning of October. This is the one date that they have not released yet"
More on "
Blog in trees"

June 17, 2007
"Back on the divorce"

On June 11, TMZ initially reported that Coley Laffoon, was awarded custody of his son. But the day after, they reported that it was not the case. Actually, in the meantime a representative for Anne Heche have told TMZ that Anne Heche did NOT lose primary custody of her son. (Read the article from TMZ entitled "Anne Heche Did NOT Lose Custody"). However most websites keeps on spreading the false news, which is not very professional. Some nasty websites even added their own heinous lies, telling the judge was thinking that Anne was "crazy". What is really crazy are these so-called reporter’s delirious words.
A last word: I wanted to point out that the judge’s decisions are not far from the amicable agreement that Anne and Coley have made at the beginning of the year. It’s a real shame that Coley unilaterally decided to denounce these agreements.

June 14, 2007
"Shared custody"

Anne and Coley will split custody of their 5-year-old son. When Anne will heads to Vancouver to shoot the next season of Men in Trees, Homer will stay in L.A. and she will get to see him every other weekend. Coley did get spousal support and child support. Don't know how much, but seems to be far from what he was expected.
So numerous reports pretending that Anne loose her son's costudy were untrue.

June 13, 2007
"Tony Awards 2007"

Actress Anne Heche attends the 61st Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 10, 2007 in New York City. Anne was a presenter in the category "Best Performance By A Leading Actor In A Play"
Anne heche

Thanks to Suzanne from Vancouver for the video.

June 12, 2007
"35th AFI Life Achievement Award"

Anne Heche arrives to the 35th AFI Life Achievement Award tribute to Al Pacino held at the Kodak Theatre on 07 June, 2007 in Hollywood, California. Anne heche

June 3, 2007
"Anne's supplemental declaration"

Back now to the other document listed in my yesterday's news. Anne wrote another paper in which she details her life with Coley and Homer for the last years. It's a long document, so you have to read it there.
Interesting and sometime moving.
My favorite excerpt is about Homer on the set of "Men in Trees":
"Homer has strong relationships with each of the cast members and a lot of the crew members who play with him," she writes. "Each director calls Homer the 'little director,' letting him call 'action' and 'cut' for my scenes."
A funny comment: Coley called himself "America's favorite stay at home dad". I leave it to your judgment.

June 3, 2007
"Temporary Custody Agreement"

Back, to the previous news. Anne&Coley have reached a temporary custody agreement concerning their 5-year-old son Homer. According to court papers, Anne and Coley will share custody in Los Angeles, with Homer going between each of their homes, until July 22nd. Afterwards, Coley will take their son to Canada for the summer to stay while Anne shoots her show, ABC's Men In Trees.
Both sides agreed that Heche will pay Laffoon $19,000 in child ($5,000) and spousal ($14,000) support for May.
The two are scheduled for mediation on June 5 and for a hearing on June 11.
You can find the court papers

June 2, 2007
"Latest news about divorce"

New paper filled by Anne here
Previous paper here
More comments tomorrow. I haven't read it yet!

May 24, 2007
"2007 Tony Awards"

Anne will be a presenter for the 2007 Tony Award. The 2007 Tonys will be broadcast Sunday June 10 on CBS (8-11 p.m. EDT) from Radio City Music Hall at NYC. I hope there will be no problem with the fact she has to be in LA on June 11 for the divorce.

May 24, 2007
"Divorce: A comprehensive explanation about what’s going on"

First, let’s back a few weeks later. The two parties first agree to have an amicable agreement et to let the media away from this affair.
Then, for some reasons, on May 2, Coley sent a file to the court of California, in order to obtain the sole physical custody for his son homer and spousal support. It happen that the media found very opportunely the file and published articles based on it. Obviously these articles expressed the exclusive point of view of Coley Laffoon.
At this point, it should be pointed out, according to some people who understand far better that me these legal issues, that:
"If you follow the guideline set for men and the normal roles they play Anne is on her way out of her child’s life. That is wrong and very sad."
(From a thread called "Another Hollywood Case" in the "Father for justice" Yahoo forum)
So, on May 21, Anne sent a file to the court in which she refute point to point all Coley’s allegations, and we can’t blame her for that. The file is now available on the Internet and I hope that the media who have reported so diligently Coley’s point of view will report Anne’s point of viewas well.
But I guess it’s better to read the original, so I advice every people who wanted to have an own opinion to read the files:

May 20, 2007
"About the divorce"

As you may have read elsewhere, Anne's divorce battle gets ugly. But, the ugliest thing is to see the media making a great fuss about this. I guess, even actors need the respect of their privacy when they go through such personal problems. I'm sure Anne&Coley both trying to raise their child in the best way they know how, just with very different parenting styles. I hope they will be able to come to an amicable agreement.
Keep in mind these 2 dates:
June 5 : They have to attend a custody mediation session in Santa Monica.
June 11 : There is a hearing in the matter at 8:30 AM in downtown LA.

May 19, 2007
"Anne in NYC"

NYC, May 18, 2007 -- ANNE Heche had a whale of a time at the Entertainment Weekly bash at The Box the other night with her new man, "Men in Trees" co-star James Tupper. Spies said Heche - who also partied with "Lipstick Jungle" star Lindsay Price, series creator Candace Bushnell (Lipstick Jungle), Danny Masterson, newly engaged Kate Walsh (Became engaged to 20 Century Fox co-president of production Alex Young on May 15, 2007), Justin Chambers (Grey's Anatomy) and Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy) - had so much fun, she had to be helped out of the club in the wee hours.

May 19, 2007

In the papers, Laffoon asks the court to award him joint custody of the couple's five-year-old son HOMER, and for child support, attorney fees and costs, visitation, spousal support and funds for other expenses. Laffoon asks for a psychiatric evaluation of both parties to aid in the child custody decision and maintains that he has been a stay-at-home dad who has provided basic care for their son since his birth in 2002. he is asking for $33,000 a month in spousal support, even though he claims he only made $6,000 a year as a videographer, before the two were married. According to the documents, Heche makes $81,000 an episode for her role in "Men In Trees."

May 19, 2007
"Anne at the ABC Upfront Presentation"

Anne Heche attends the ABC Upfront presentation at Lincoln Center on May 15, 2007 in New York City. She has been loading up on free swag at Lucky magazine's gifting suite, for TV stars in town for the networks' preview week of the next television season.
"It is a pretty special moment for all of us, we are here because our shows are getting pickup for the next season. This is a particular gifting suite for that event. It doesn't happen every week if that is what you are asking." she said to Associated Press Television.
Heche was so excited about her gifts that she wore her new Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, Stuart Weitzman purse and wallet, and L.A.M.B. jacket right out of the suite at the tony Ritz Carlton.
Anne Heche

May 18, 2007
"The Masters of Science Fiction"

New hope for MSF: ABC has tentatively listed MSF to air Saturday nights in August, with only four of the six completed shows to be televised.

May 18, 2007
"Men in Trees new timeslot"

Last Tuesday ABC announced the new schedule for this Fall. "Men" will come back on Friday at 8:00pm. Not the best timeslot! Here is a comment from a TV critic:
"Men in Trees," the Anne Heche series that left the schedule this spring to the annoyance of its fans, has been sentenced to 8 p.m. Fridays in the fall, where shows usually go to die.
(Alan Pergament for www.buffalonews.com)

May 1, 2007
"The Masters of Science Fiction"

I have good news and bad news. Unfortunately that seems to become usual in the chaotic world of the ABC network. So, first, the good news. This series is "the best futuristic anthology series since the glory days of "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits." " according to television critic Mark Dawidziak. Plus, Dawidziak, who saw all the six episodes, said the episode called ""Jerry Was a Man"" (the one in which star Anne), along with "A Clean Escape" and "The Discarded" are "the best of the six, and they are about the three best hours of television I've seen this season".
So, what's the bad new? it's that we just don't know if we will be able to watch it! The series was suppose to be a midseason replacement for ABC. And the midseason replacement was between January and April. And of course we have noticed it. Do you remember "Notes from the Underbelly" and "October Road", those shows which have replaced MiT? So, it seems that ABC executives don't know what to do with this series!
You can read whole article from Mark Dawidziak here :
Superb series gathers dust

May 1, 2007
"Superman Doomsday"

The movie is completed. DVD release on September 18. Here is the trailer:
I hope that you will recognize Anne sweet voice saying "Clark!".

April 29, 2007
"Men in Trees"

So, it's official now, Jenny Bicks tells it on her blog : no more new episode before next Fall. They will air the last 5 episodes first, so it will be a 27 episodes season. The schedule will be announced by ABC on May 15th at NYC.
She also said that they will rerun the first 8 episodes, starting on June for all the summer. These episodes originally aired on Friday haven't been much watched due to the bad timeslot. So it's a great news. Sounds like ABC wanted to give MiT the best chances for next Fall.

A last word: Anne told in her official website, that the filming for the season 2, will start on July.
April 15, 2007
"Fog in Trees"

No ideas about when MiT will be back on the air. Jenny Bicks, the writer and excecutive producer, tell us in Blogs in Trees that :
"There are rumors about a possible 2 or 3 episodes airing in May on Thursday nights. This may happen, but I would not bet on it."
But she promise to let us know as soon as she got more information. In her conclusion she said:
"So, keep the faith, people. It'll be okay. We will return stronger, funnier, and with added calcium and Vitamin B. That's my promise to you guys. Write me and let me know what you want to see more of next season, okay? We are starting to break stories..."
Jenny Bicks.

April 9, 2007
"Scheme in Trees"

ABC can't seem to make up its mind whether to show unaired episodes of Anne Heche's "Men in Trees" now or save them until next season when the show will return. Looks like fall is the better bet. In this case they will be amended to its 22-episode fall order (a la "Boston Legal's" 27-episode "second" season).

April 9, 2007
"Anne at the Vancouvert Airport "

Men in Trees co-stars Anne Heche and James Tupper had a little adventure at Vancouver airport the other day. Heche got held up at customs and had to update her work visa. Anne at the Vancouvert Airport

April 3, 2007
"From TV's 'Extra'"

First off, the cast was particularly excited about the show being picked up for a second season. Anne Heche said, "There was no doubt in my mind, I knew... thank you!" Her new real-life lover James Tupper added, "We bought a big bottle of champagne yesterday. We're so excited!"
But "Extra's" caught Heche filming a scene with a possible new TV love interest, Scott Elrod, as real-life love interest Tupper looked on. Tupper laughed, "Let's go, I'll punch him."
Elrod revealed he was a little nervous about his on screen lip lock with Heche. He said, "Probably the most difficult scene is when Anne and I had our kiss and literally James was sitting outside the cabin watching us... wow, this is weird."
Heche and Tupper's relationship is all the buzz in Hollywood. About Heche, Tupper said, "She's great, she's wonderful... a person who really comes from her heart. She's a beautiful person." Heche talked only about her working relationship with Tupper: "Our relationship is terrific, we have a beautiful working relationship."

March 29, 2007
"Scheme in Trees"

The series "Notes From the Underbelly," shifts to Thursdays beginning April 12. But "Notes" will uproot "Men in Trees," which originally was scheduled to return to the air in that time slot. ABC is still determining when to reschedule the Anne Heche rookie, which could still return in that slot if "Notes" underperforms.
Sources indicate ABC is even considering holding the outstanding episodes of "Trees" until next season in order to minimize its amount of repeats.

March 21, 2007 "Men in Trees picked up for a new season"

It's official. ABC has announced the pickup of 11 series, including "Men in Trees."
"We have had a strong year, with two of the season's breakout hits, 'Ugly Betty' and 'Brothers and Sisters,' and the solid performance of 'Men in Trees,'" said ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson. "We are pleased that viewers have invested in these new favorites along with our other returning series. These shows provide us with a substantial foundation to make 2007-08 our best schedule yet."

March 11, 2007
"Men in Trees"

As announced previously, "Men" will not be aired before at least one month. It'll be back April 12 or April 26, depending on how well "October Road" does. If you're looking forward for a second season, I guess it's time to send yours feeling to ABC.
You can contact them here :
ABC contact information

March 11, 2007
"James Tupper confirms romance "

James Tupper has confirmed that Anne and him are dating, but insists their romance didn't break-up their respective marriages. "The line," he says, "was never crossed."
Tupper adds, "I adore her, and I'm hopeful for the future." But does Tupper, who says he'd love to have children one day, see himself settling down with Heche? "I'm not ready to rush into marriage," he says, but "I've never met anyone like her. There's something really comforting when you can truly connect with someone and be understood. Isn't that what we all want?"
James Tupper & Anne Heche

March 11, 2007
"What's love is Premiere"

It seems that the Los Angeles Premiere Gala Event will take place at the DGA Theater 1, which is located at 7920 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on March 20th at 7PM . (To be confirmed).
Anyway, the release date for USA is 23 March 2007 (Limited release).

March 11, 2007
"Homer's Birthday"

According to Flynet, Homer spent his 5th birthday with Mom and Dad in Los Angeles. Here are some photos of Anne & Homer heading back to Vancouver after spending the weekend in LA. Anne & Homer

March 8, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Repeat of episode 8 : "The Buddy System" today at 10p.m. on ABC

March 6, 2007
"Superman Doomsday"

Adam Baldwin and James Marsters have been enlisted to voice the ultimate superhero and his eternal nemesis in the Warner Bros. straight-to-DVD animated movie "Superman Doomsday." Inspired by the best-selling graphic novel of all time, DC Comics' "The Death of Superman," "Superman Doomsday" features the voices of:

  • Adam Baldwin ("Firefly," "Serenity,") as Superman
  • Anne Heche ("Men in Trees") as Lois Lane
  • James Marsters ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel") as Lex Luthor
Produced by Bruce Timm ("Justice League Unlimited," "Batman: The Animated Series") and written by Duane Capizzi ("The Batman," "The Batman vs. Dracula"), "Superman Doomsday" is the first animated Superman movie to be rated PG-13.

Here's how the story is described:
When the intergalactic serial killer Doomsday is unearthed, Superman meets the him head on in the battle to end all battles. Going punch for punch, Superman finally ends the threat of Doomsday as he throws one last punch and collapses forever, making the ultimate sacrifice to save Metropolis and all those he once loved.

"Superman Doomsday" will be available exclusively on DVD with over 70 minutes of DVD extras. Including :
  • A retrospective look at the public's reaction to the death of Superman
  • A short documentary about the artwork and process behind animating the movie
  • A videogame intercutting footage from the movie with game challenges;
  • A sneak peak at the upcoming animated movie on DVD, "Justice League: The New Frontier."
"Superman Doomsday" will be available in stores Sept. 18. (Widescreen (1.78:1), 5.1 Dolby Digital. )

March 4, 2007
"Suffering Man's Charity"

World Premiere: March 9-13, South by Southwest Music and Media Conference and Festival. Austin, Texas.
Here is the official website
Suffering Man's Charity official website with photos, videos clips and more. Here is a clip with Anne:

March 4, 2007
"Blogs in Trees"

You'll find in MiT's official website a place called Blogs in Trees where you can read news about the show. The lastest message is intitled "Jenny Bicks on "Power Shift" ". The writer of the show gave us some interestings comments:
...We should be back on the air with ORIGINAL EPISODES on April 12th, and then pretty much get to run new episodes all the way through May sweeps. Yes, it sucks we are off that long, but it's great that we can run our new episodes after that without interruption. Please do not forget about us, keep writing to ABC and us, and keep checking back here for more blogs and fun.

We also learned that they are currently about to start shooting episode 20 of 22.
More in Blogs in Trees.

March 1, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Repeat of episode 2 : "Power Shift" today at 10p.m. on ABC

February 23, 2007
"Men in Trees Preempted by a New Show!" What's the deal with that? After 2 repeats (Episode #2 "Power Shift" on March 1st and Episode #8 "The Buddy System" on March 8th),

"Men in Trees" will be replaced by a new show called "October Road". "Trees" is expected to return sometime in mid-April. But considering that the new show has 6 episodes, that means that we will not see "Trees" until April 26th! ...at least. I can't imagine that ABC is trying to delete a succefull show. Last week, it ranked 32nd with 10,870,000 viewers.

February 22, 2007
"Coley is ready to move on"

In a statement to PEOPLE, Coley said :
"I've had an amazing six years with Anne and I will always be grateful for what we shared, but now it's time to get back in the mix. I'm ready to pick up the camera again, and step in front of it too. I want to thank everyone for their support and good wishes. I'm looking forward to the next adventure."
Coley & Anne

February 22, 2007
"Men in Trees"

No episode today. According to The Futon Critic the schedule is:

  • 5 straight weeks of repeats from March 1st to April 5th.
  • The last 5 episodes from April 12th (Episode 18) to May 10th (Episode 22).
The filming is schedule to wrap up on April 3rd.

February 15, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Don't miss Episode 17 : "The Indecent Proposal", today at 10p.m. on ABC

February 8, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Don't miss Episode 16 : "Nice Girls Finish Frist", today at 10p.m. on ABC

February 4, 2007
"Coley Files for Divorce "

Coleman Laffoon has filed for divorce after five years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. In documents filed Thursday, he asked the court to award him spousal support and joint custody of the couple's 4-year-old son, Homer. The filing lists as separate property his earnings from the date of separation and "miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects." The filing does not list community property, saying the nature of the assets has yet to be determined.

February 1, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Don't miss Episode 15 : "Take It Like a Man", today at 10p.m. on ABC

January 25, 2007 "Anne&Coley separated!"

"Entertainment Tonight" announced it yesterday. It has been confirmated by Anne's representative:
"Actress Anne Heche and her husband Coleman Laffoon have decided to separate after five years of marriage. They have requested that they be allowed their privacy at this time."
Non confirmed sources said that she is currently involved with James Tupper, her co-star in "Men in trees". It has been reported that Tupper and his wife split in November, last year.

January 21, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Last thursday the audience on ABC has reached 10.26M viewers. "MEN IN TREES" delivered the No. 1 position during the 10 o'clock hour among Adults 18-34 (3.2/9).

January 18, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Don't miss Episode 13 : "History Lessons", today at 10p.m. on ABC

January 16, 2007
"Disney/ABC Parties."

Anne Heche poses for a picture at the Disney/ABC Television Group All Star Party held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on January 14, 2007 in Pasadena, California.. Anne Heche

January 11, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Don't miss Episode 12 : "The Darkest Day", today at 10p.m.

January 6, 2007
"What Love Is Trailer"

Watch the trailer on www.youtube.com

January 6, 2007
"Men in Trees"

Watch on www.youtube.com a preview of Episode 12 : "The Darkest Day"

January 4, 2007
"Men in Trees"

No episodes today, the next one, Episode 12 : "The Darkest Day", will air on Thurday January 11 at 10p.m.

January 3, 2007
"Suffering Man's Charity Premiere"

"Suffering Man's Charity" will premiere at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference & Festival at the Paramount Theater in Austin March 9. Alan Cumming's latest directorial effort features a stellar cast in this darkly funny portrayal of unrequited love and unfulfilled artistic ambition. (World Premiere)
Official WebSite :

January 1, 2007
"Happy New Year Everybody."

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